Foxy Pathologist

Sunday, December 09, 2007

Fahrt zu Holle....
i've finally gotten 4 straight hours of sleep and can semifunction again. however i do believe that pregnancy/breast feeding is a direct one way microglial draining conduit. i have no more wit or memory. and apparently i have lost all good sense, because i did actually go to a "mommys group" gathering. now i'm sure these would be fairly hideous anywhere, akin to my disasterly experience with the prenatal yoga ohm-earthmommaness, but of course there's nothing quite like the first hand report. ok ok. beyond crunchy, beyond estrogen. what was i thinking. that doesn't even need a question mark, rhetorical doesn't cover it.well i had best go, as my 17 pound smiley doth quake...i did want to write about the term "boggy" but that will have to wait.