Foxy Pathologist

Tuesday, December 19, 2006

hmmm.issues with rock paper scissors. first of all dynamite is the way to go with all of them. it blows all of them up. even you cut the fuse with scissors, it's still explosive, though you might die with it with no lead fuse time. after that scissors and rock are pretty much a draw with maybe a scissors advantage. it would take quite a rock to truly pulverize metal unless you're talking about crapo kindergarten plastic scissors. and then there's pummice etc. paper is a dead loser every time in my book.a rock can pulverize paper. scissors-rock sword in stone.
i'll have to market this new game, more of a new personality mmpi type test. who would choose paper? why rock not dynamite? lawbreakers all.

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

ok, ok, call me a kgb buzz kill but...
man if you're going to get all hela specialized in super secret international espionage poisons and then use them in the western world for assasinations, would you really want to use something radioactive with a half life of well over 4 months? that's called extremely unusual and inherently traceable with a geiger counter off the back of the cereal box. i can see the appeal of a tasteless, odorless, colorless poison with horrific potential. and maybe the symptoms would be missed in many situations- written off as bad gi with sepsis yada yada. but people's hair falls out for christsakes. it's bad bad bad. bad to use it. and bad to have thought it'd be all clandestine superspy in the first place.