Foxy Pathologist

Sunday, October 01, 2006

i've come to the conclusion, after hours of amateur fascination with the mercury, gemini, and apollo programs,that this country never would have made it to the moon, much less "within this de-cade", had it not been for nicotine. mission contol was a smokestack of black rimmed glasses and small black type print protocols. actually it was subinfinitely more than that, but don't get me started on the moon. which brings us to an interesting thread that some grad student somewhere should weave into shall we say a yarn-- what really has been the role of neurostimulants (primarily caffeine and nicotene at this point as meth and coke have i would guess some time dependent constraints due to say la ley and body breakdown) in civilization. would the british have had such an empire sans tea? will mormons be hamstrung in their quest of world domination? i know "hemeneutics" and the "hegemonical imperative" are the bastard children of nicotene and caffeine.