Foxy Pathologist

Sunday, June 11, 2006

wow, i think i've seen an entirely new level of skexskidom today. i'm ok with the tiedye hippie love ya thing in small doses. and i'll grant passage to the whole celtic roots/borderline renfair celebration in a non-riverdance kinda way. but, and it's a big but, no, an absolute, emphatic, axiomatic No to the combination of the two. (read fatal if combined, betablockers in asthmatics no) how could an adult man walk the streets in full on tiedye shirt and matching tiedye kilt ensemble? all he was missing was a jousting rod and those externalized spring "tennis shoes". then i might have had to kill him.
and on a more timely subject. my award for the most outrageous foul dive of the copa mundial 06 to date was the argentian captain j. sorin--from a glancing blow to the shoulder/upper body he managed to sustain an ankle fracture for about 32seconds and then reset it to perfection and healing by jogging. i think they should red card the divers. it turns the beautiful game into a small claims courtroom of amateur lawyer antics. or at least, whilst having the top secret how to take a dive and fish for foul calls training sessions, teach these fools to grab something other than their shins or ankles. honestly, at least throw in a knee or hip or wrist sometime to spice it up. actually, they should be able to engineer some fake blood packets to be activated at the critical moments...