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Sunday, February 25, 2007

when i was a girl

i actually did not realize there was a difference between a caftan and a mumu (muu'muu technically)- one being of turkish/ottoman or sometimes russian derivation for men and the other of hawaiian descent for womens. homer sports the mumu. and this really epitomizes my current genderbender identity crisis with the ongoing gestation situation. once a veritable pillar of calm, hyperlogical, finely polished orbital steel, i now stumble through a very foreign, earthly land of unexplained and exponential emotion. i feel (where did that word come from?) suspended in some sort of gender torpor. isn't the quickening some sci-fi thing/stephen king novel? i must record all the pertinent data to take back to my titanium satellite, it explains so much of our observations over the years.

the good news is that in my line of work, one of my business partners is the county medical examiner. this serves as an immense suicide deterrent as i simply cannot fathom him viewing my body (dead or otherwise). so i have extra motivation to suffer through the pain of increased (nice...) migraines that have come with pregnancy.


  • At 7:52 PM, Blogger valerie said…

    I actually tried on a mumu when we were in Hawaii last spring. It felt awesome. Now, even postpartum, I think everyone should wear robes and wraps and the sort.


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